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Hey all!

I thought it might be fair to all of you to tell what has happened with my designs that were supposed to get on WeLoveFine. In short: although I'm not entirely certain on my decision yet, it is unlikely that any of my designs will ever hit the WLF stores. If you care for a short explanation, I'll explain.

When I first applied for an artist account on WeLoveFine everything went well and it didn't take long for me to get permission to make a shirt design from my glowing wallpaper series. But later, when I submitted my first design, the whole process started to get a bit rusty. They told me they needed up to 20 working days to get licensor permission, but even after five weeks, the status on my submission didn't change, so I had to mail them. So eventually it became clear the licensor approved, and I could go on with getting my design on WLF. That's when they decided to tell me that they needed at least multiple designs from me before they would put any of it on their store. They never told me this, nor could I find anything about this on their site or anywhere.

At first I accepted it and thought I would still do all the other designs, but because everything took so long I got busier with studying again and the wait took away quite a bit of my motivation to work on it. A little while ago I decided to give it up entirely, and concentrate on my digital drawing, mostly because I enjoy that a lot more at the moment. WLF never got back to me so I guess they would still allow me to submit the designs eventually, but I wouldn't expect them to hit their stores anytime soon.

I guess it's a combination of poor communication and lack of my motivation that it had to end up this way, and I'm sorry to anyone that was waiting to order these designs, but I currently simply do not want to spend my free time making these designs, nor having to mail back and forth with WLF again. I will still try to do digital drawings regularly, so whoever is watching me for those, I hope you will enjoy whatever there's to come!


PS: Send me a note if you want a high resolution image or PSD file of the RBD shirt design. Maybe you can find a site yourself that will let you print it on a shirt.
It's been a while since I've submitted my design to WeLoveFine. The licensor did approve my RBD design, so it will be printed on a shirt...eventually. Apparently I need to have at least six designs before WeLoveFine will start printing them. I never knew this before, but it became apparent after a few mails this week.

So what's going to happen now?
Well, I already got permission to start working on the rest of the mane cast, and I hope that eventually my six designs will be the glowing versions of them, in a similar style as the RBD one. I'll start working on those today and should be done with all of them quite soon. I don't know how long it'll take after that to get everything approved and printed, but I'll try to make the process go as fast as possible.

I'll write another journal when there's a significant update to all of this ^^

EDIT 06-14-2012:

Thank you all for your awesome feedback on the shirt concepts! #2 was by far the favourite, and I think I can please almost everyone by submitting that design to welovefine.

...Which I just did! I've touched up the design a bit to make it ready for printing. I also changed the background effect slightly to show off Rainbow's colours better. Don't worry though, it's still the same design, just with the colour layout of the background a bit better!

Now it's up to welovefine to get permission from Hasbro, and to decide if they actually want to print this design. This can take anywhere up to 20 working days, although I hope it will go a bit faster, MLP being their ever-trending category. If they do decide to go on with this design, it shouldn't take too long to actually get it for sale.

I'll write another journal when their decision is made and when it's (hopefully) for sale, so stick with me for now!


Hey all!

I've recently acquired an artist account on, so I can make and submit shirt and poster designs. Now I have had a few people asking me permission to print one of my glowing wallpapers on a shirt, so I figured there were at least a few of you that would be interested in one of those glowing ponies on a shirt at welovefine!

I didn't want to just copy and paste the wallpapers on a shirt, though. I wanted to make the pony itself a bit bigger, and put it right in the middle. After redrawing Rainbow Dash for this purpose, there was still one thing I was unsure of. Should I add anything besides the pony itself?

This is where I want to ask for your opinion. I made four concept shirts, and want to ask you which one you'd prefer. I'm not going to take votes, but I just want to hear all your opinions, so I can decide on which one to pick. Keep in mind that these may have been changed slightly in the final version.

You can look at the different options here: Concept Shirts RBD by SmockHobbes
(I'm probably only going with dark shirt colours, but is there anyone here who would be interested in a white shirt for these things?)
1. Just the glowing pony
2. Added a smoke effect on the background
3. The pony's name under the drawing
4. Glowing lines under the pony

Keep in mind that welovefine hasn't accepted these yet, so I can't guarantee that they will actually be available soon. They did give me an artist profile after showing interest in my glowing wallpapers though, so I think it'll be alright!

If Rainbow Dash does get accepted, I will try to make shirts in the same style for the rest of the mane 6, maybe even the others too if people really like it ^^

So, which one would you prefer?

(I'll probably take your comments into consideration for the next one or two days, after which I will submit one design to welovefine.)
I almost forgot to tell you about my last pony purchase!

Hashbro :iconhashbro: models ponies and sends them to Shapeways, so they can 3D print it for you.
His models, although only a few at the moment, are really well done!
Just wanted to inform you all about this, because I think it's one of the cheapest ways to get an awesome show-accurate pony model.

You can find more information on his site at
And here's a pic of my 3D models, hanging out in Twilight's library.

I'm really happy with them, so if you want some as well, and have a bit of money to spare, grab them while you can!
Hey all!

Just wanted to tell you I've made a Tumblr today, where my OC pony will be answering all of your questions. (How original! -Thanks!)
I'll aim to update it at least once a week, but with exams coming up, maybe the start of this blog will be a bit slow...
Anyway, ask her anything, and follow her if you're interested!

I hope that you, as well as myself, will enjoy this!

...if I could put "Drop the bass" in the lines of Vinyl's wallpaper.

When I actually made it, I quite liked it myself too, so I thought I should share it with you!
It's in my scrapbook: (Read more about it in the description.)
See for yourself which one you like more!

I almost sketched out the entire comic I'm going to do for the EqD December Draw-off...And it is larger then I thought it would be.
I hope I'll still make it before the 31st ^^

This is probably my last journal this week, so I wish you all a merry Christmas! Enjoy it!
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I've finished my latest two wallpapers earlier than I expected, which is awesome! My original plan was to do these wallpapers and a comic for EqD's December draw-off before the new year, but my plans were thwarted a bit when I heard I had to work almost every day between Christmas and New Year's day.
But now I hope I can still pull it off, and have an awesome entry in that draw-off!

Now I know there are a lot of people that want to see more of those glowing wallpapers. I'm pretty sure I will get back to those again eventually. It seems there are a lot of you that want to see a wallpaper of the CMC and Big Mac, but I've also had quite a few requests for other ponies. A wallpaper of Lyra has been pretty high on my own list.
I'm not sure when I'm going to continue my wallpaper series, and neither am I sure which ponies I will use. But you'll notice soon enough when I do make more!

For now, I have a comic to complete before December 31st, so wish me good luck on that!
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I'm writing this journal to let you know that yes, I am still here. It has been a long time since I last submitted something to my DA page, mainly because I've just been too lazy to draw anything proper.

A few days ago I finally started drawing again, so I wanted to let you know you can expect a few deviations from me again somewhere in the near future! I'm currently busy with a drawing for my brother. You can find more information about that here:
As soon as I'm done with that, I'll start working on Luna's and Vinyl's wallpapers! Luna's sketch is already done, actually.

So, thanks for sticking around, and you'll hear from me again soon!


(I can't believe this is actually my first journal...Maybe I should write more of these!)